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High School Completion Plus

Seattle Colleges is an institution of higher education, not a high school. However, we have some great opportunities for students who have not yet completed a high school education. Through our High School Completion Plus program, you can skip one or two years of high school and start your university studies right away. You can take full-time, dual credit classes at Seattle Colleges and earn college credits while completing requirements for a Washington state high school diploma at the same time. By choosing this option, you will earn both your high school diploma and associate transfer degree in two years.

Like University Transfer students, you may need to take English and math placement tests before starting classes, and you will complete the normal associate transfer degree requirements. You will take college courses, not high school ones, which are generally transferable to a university and can count toward a bachelor's degree.

Upon fulfilling associate transfer degree requirements, Seattle Colleges will award you both an official Washington state high school diploma and an associate degree. Both high school and college graduation status will be noted on your student transcript, and the diploma may be used as proof of high school graduation anywhere in the United States.


2+2 Structure

Study two years at Seattle Colleges, earn an associate degree, and then transfer to a four-year college or university for the last two years to earn your bachelor's degree.

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2+2 Benefits

Save money, receive personal attention from instructors in small classes, and enjoy other benefits of attending a community college.

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Transfer Pathways

While you're guaranteed conditional admission to up to two universities from Seattle Colleges, you can transfer anywhere.

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Seattle Colleges offers classes in almost all major subjects to help you prepare for your degree.

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Transfer Resources

The on-campus Transfer Center, quarterly transfer fairs, and academic advising are a few of the resources Seattle Colleges offers to help you prepare to transfer.

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Transfer Success

Graduates of Seattle Colleges consistently transfer to well-known, top-ranking colleges and universities.

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Meet Nicole, Class of 2020

Nicole came to North Seattle as a high school student from Indonesia. She graduated in 2020 after earning both her high school diploma and her associate degree. She transferred to the University of Washington to continue her studies.

Check out Nicole's video to hear what she enjoyed about studying in Seattle.


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