Apply Now!

To apply for admission to Seattle Colleges, international students must submit an online application, which includes completing a questionnaire, uploading all necessary documents, and paying the mandatory $50 application fee by debit/credit card. Admission applications can be submitted up to 5 quarters/15 months in advance.

Application Portals

Each college has its own online admission application. Once you have selected the campus you will attend, click on its corresponding tab below for further instructions. If you need help identifying the college that would be best for you, email for assistance.

North Seattle College

To access North Seattle's online admission application, first request an identification number (EMPLID) and password by completing our request form. Then log into our online portal using the credentials that were sent to you.

Seattle Central College

To complete an admission application, first visit Seattle Central's online portal and create an account. Then log in using the password sent to you.

South Seattle College

To apply for admission, complete South Seattle's online application.

Completed applications are normally processed within 3 to 5 business days. If some information is missing or needs to be clarified, applicants will be notified via email.