Majors and Minors for Seattle Pacific University

Apparel Design
Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising (Minor)
Apparel Merchandising
Applied Human Biology
Applied Mathematics
Art - Emphasis in Studio Arts
Art - Emphasis in General Art
Art - Emphasis in Illustration/New Pictures
Art - Emphasis in Photography/Digital Media
Art History and Visual Studies
Art History and Visual Studies (Minor)
Asian Studies
Asian Studies (Minor)

Bioethics and Humanities (Minor)
Biological Anthropology (Minor)
Biology (BA)
Biology (BS)
Biology (Minor)
Business Administration (Minor)
Business Administration - Economics
Business Administration - Finance
Business Administration - General Track
Business Administration - Information Systems
Business Administration - International Business
Business Administration - Management
Business Administration - Marketing
Business Administration - Social Enterprise

Cellular and Molecular Biology
Chemistry (BA)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry (Minor)
Christian Scripture (Minor)
Christian Spirituality (Minor)
Christian Theology - Christian Mission
Christian Theology - Christian Scripture
Christian Theology - Educational Ministry
Christian Theology - Theological Studies
Classics (Minor)
Classics - Cultural Emphasis
Classics - Language Emphasis
Coaching Science (Minor)
Communication (Minor)
Communication - Communication Studies Track
Communication - Journalism Track
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering (Minor)
Computer Science (BA)
Computer Science (BS)
Computer Science (Minor)
Costume Design and Production (Family and Consumer Sciences Dept)
Costume Design and Production (Minor - Family and Consumer Sciences Dept)
Costume Design and Production (Minor - Theatre Dept)
Costume Design and Production (Theatre Dept)
Cultural Anthropology (Minor)

Economics (Minor)
Economics - Development Economics
Economics - Financial Economics
Economics - General Track
Economics - Public Policy
Educational Ministry (Minor)
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering (Minor)
Elementary Education Teaching Certification
English - Creative Writing Concentration
English - Literature Concentration
English Creative Writing (Minor)
English Literature (Minor)
English Professional Writing (Minor)
Entrepreneurship (Minor)
Exercise Science
Exercise Science (Minor)

Family and Consumer Sciences Secondary Education
Film Studies
Food & Nutritional Sciences - Food & Nutrition Emphasis
Food & Nutritional Sciences - Sports & Exercise Emphasis
Food and Nutritional Sciences (Minor)
Food and Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics Emphasis
Francophone Studies (Minor)
French and Francophone Studies

General Engineering
General Engineering (Minor)
General Engineering - Appropriate & Sustainable Eng
General Engineering - Mechanical Engineering Focus
General Studies
Global and Urban Ministry (Minor)
Global Development Studies

Health and Fitness (Minor)
Health and Fitness Education
History (Minor)
History - General Track
History - Museum Studies Track

Individual & Family Development
Individual and Family Development (Minor)
Information Systems
Integrated Studies - Health & Fitness Concentration
Integrated Studies - Language Arts Concentration
Integrated Studies - Mathematics Concentration
Integrated Studies - Natural Sciences Concentration
Integrated Studies - Social Sciences Concentration
Integrated Studies - The Arts Concentration
Interior Design
Interior Design - Merchandising

Journalism (Minor)

Leadership Studies (Minor)
Linguistics (Minor)
Linguistics and Cultural Studies
Linguistics and Cultural Studies (Minor)

Mathematics (BA)
Mathematics (BS)
Mathematics (Minor)
Music (Minor)
Music - Emphasis in Composition
Music - Emphasis in Performance
Music - Emphasis in Technology
Music - General Emphasis
Music and Worship Arts (Minor)
Music Education
Music Therapy - Emphasis in Physical Ed & Exercise Science
Music Therapy - Emphasis in Psychology
Music Therapy - Emphasis in Special Education


Philosophy (Minor)
Philosophy - General Track
Philosophy - Technical Track
Physical Sciences - 3/2 Program
Physics (Minor)
Physics - General Emphasis
Physics with Education Focus
Political Science (Minor)
Political Science - General Track
Political Science - International Affairs Track
Political Science - Public Policy and Law Track
Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre-Occupational Therapy
Psychology (BA)
Psychology (BS)
Psychology (Minor)

Reconciliation Studies (Minor)
Russian Studies
Russian Studies (Minor)

Secondary Education Teaching Certification
Sociology (Minor)
Spanish Studies
Spanish Studies (Minor)
Special Education
Special Education - Educational Ministry Emphasis
Special Education - Elementary Education Teaching Certification
Special Education - Secondary Education Teaching Certification
Studio: 2-D Media (Minor)
Studio: 3-D Media (Minor)
Studio: Digital Media (Minor)

Theatre (Minor)
Theatre - General Emphasis
Theatre - Performance Emphasis
Theatre - Production Emphasis
Theatre - Teaching Emphasis
Theological Studies (Minor)

Urban Studies
Urban Studies (Minor)

Visual Communication

Women’s Studies (Minor)

Youth Ministry (Minor)