Majors and Minors for Eastern Washington University

3D Animation (Minor)

Accounting (Minor)
Addiction Studies
Addictions Counseling & Prevention
Africana Studies
Africana Studies (Minor)
Aging Studies (Minor)
American Indian Studies (Minor)
Anthropology (Minor)
Applied Developmental Psychology
Applied Developmental Psychology (Minor)
Applied Technology
Applied Technology (Minor)
Aquatics Management (Minor)
Archeology (Minor)
Art Education (Minor)
Art Education: Elementary Education
Art Education: Secondary Education
Art History
Art History (Minor)

Biology (Minor)
Biology with Biotechnology Option
Biology with Pre-Medecine/Pre-Dentistry Option
Biology: Secondary Education
Biology: Secondary Education (Minor)
Business & Marketing Education
Business Administration (Minor)
Business Analytics
Business Analytics (Minor)

Career and Technical Education
Chemistry/Biochemistry (Minor)
Chemistry/Biochemistry with Biochemistry Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry with Forensic Science Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry with General Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry with Pre-Professional Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry with Professional Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry with Secondary Education Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry with Standard Option
Chemistry/Biochemistry: Secondary Education (Minor)
Chicana/o/x Studies (Minor)
Children's Studies
Children's Studies (Minor)
Coaching (Minor)
Communication Sciences & Disorders
Communication Sciences & Disorders (Minor)
Communication Studies
Communication Studies (Minor)
Communication Studies with Public Relations Option
Computer Information Systems (Minor)
Computer Science (BCS)
Computer Science (BS)
Computer Science Programming (Minor)
Construction Management (Minor)
Construction Management Technology
Corporate Training (Minor)
Creative Writing
Creative Writing (Minor)
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (Minor)

Data Analytics
Data Analytics (Minor)
Data Science
Dental Hygiene
Design (Minor)
Disability Studies (Minor)

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education and Special Education
Earth & Space Science: Secondary Education
Earth & Space Science: Secondary Education (Minor)
Economics (BA)
Economics (BS)
Economics (Minor)
Education with Literacy, Reading and Writing Option
Electrical Engineering
Elementary Education
English (Minor)
English as a Second Language
English as a Second Language (Minor)
English Education: Secondary Education
English Education: Secondary Education (Minor)
English with Creative Writing Option
English with Literary Studies Option
Entrepreneurship (Minor)
Environmental Science (Minor)
Environmental Science with Environmental Biology Option
Environmental Science with Environmental Chemistry Option
Environmental Science with Environmental Geology Option
Exercise Science
Experiential Education & Group Facilitation (Minor)

Film (Minor)
Film studies (Minor)
French (Minor)

Gender, Women's & Sexuality Studies
General Education Economics (Minor)
Geography (Minor)
Geology (BA)
Geology (BS)
Geology (Minor)
Geotechnical Engineering (Minor)
German (Minor)

Health & Physical Education: Elementary Education
Health & Physical Education: Secondary Education
Health Informatics Technology & Management
Health Psychology
Health Science
Health Services Administration
Health Services Administration (Minor)
Health Services Administration with Long-Term Care Option
History (Minor)
History: Secondary Education (Minor)
Human Resource Management
Humanities (Minor)

Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Minor)
Information Security Management (Minor)
Instrumental Performance
Interdisciplinary Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts
International Affairs with Global Public Policy Concentration
International Affairs with Global Security Processes Concentration
International Affairs with Global Socio-Economic Concentration
International Business
International Business (Minor)

Japanese (Minor)
Journalism (Minor)
Journalism with News Editorial Option
Journalism with Public Relations Option

Linguistics (Minor)

Management Information Systems
Management Information Systems (Minor)
Management with General Business Option
Manufactoring Technology with Process Option
Manufacturing (Minor)
Manufacturing Technology with Design For Manufacturability option
Mathematics (Minor)
Mathematics: Elementary Education
Mathematics: Elementary Education (Minor)
Mathematics: Secondary Education
Mathematics: Secondary Education (Minor)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (Minor)
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Medical Anthropology (Minor)
Military Science
Military Science (Minor)
Music (Minor)
Music Composition
Music Education
Music Technology & Entrepreneurship
Musical Theatre

Natural Science Education: Elementary Education (Minor)
Natural Science Education: Middle Level Science
Natural Science Education: Secondary Education (Minor)

Outdoor Recreation Leadership

Personal Training (Minor)
Philosophy (Minor)
Physics (BS)
Physics (Minor)
Physics: Secondary Education
Physics: Secondary Education (Minor)
Physics (BA)
Piano Performance
Political Science
Political Science (Minor)
Political Science with Pre-Law Option
Professional Accounting
Psychology (Minor)
Public Health

Recreation & Tourism Management
Religious Studies (Minor)

Screenwriting (Minor)
Secondary Education
Sexuality & Queer Studies (Minor)
Social Studies with Secondary Major Option
Social Studies: Elementary Education
Social Work
Sociology (Minor)
Spanish (Minor)
Spanish: Elementary Education
Spanish: Secondary Education
Special Education (Minor)
Special Education and Elementary Education
Sport Management (Minor)
Studio Art (BA)
Studio Art (BFA)
Studio Art (Minor)
Supply Chain Management

Technical Communication
Technical Communication (Minor)
Theatre (Minor)
Theatre: Elementary or Secondary Education (Minor)
Therapeutic Recreation

Urban & Regional Planning
Urban & Regional Planning (Minor)

Visual Communication Design
Vocal Performance

Web Application Development (Minor)
Women's and Gender Studies (Minor)