Meet Our Staff

Seattle Colleges boasts an outstanding team of dedicated faculty and staff who are here to help you every step of the way. The International Programs (IP) Division has several core areas and offers a wide variety of services to international students, including admissions and housing support, academic and immigration advising, personal counseling, and more.

International Programs

Kathie Kwilinski - Executive Director, International Programs
Gina Panattoni - Administrative Assistant

Campus-Based Staff

North Seattle
Rebecca Clark - Front Desk Manager
Shunsuke Kanazawa - Advisor

Seattle Central
Michelle Barreto - Advisor
Hannah Moore - Front Desk Manager
Em Wright - Advisor

South Seattle
Svetlana Doyle - Advisor
Andrea Wilmot - Front Desk Manager


The Admissions team processes admission applications for incoming international students, as well as issues acceptance materials.

David Roseberry - Director, International Admissions
Jonathan Thompson - Program Specialist, International Admissions
Hyun Ji Yoo - Program Specialist, International Admissions


The Advising team helps current students with everything necessary to achieve their goals while at Seattle Colleges by providing both immigration and academic advising.

Lindsey Hoogkamer-Smith - Interim Director, International Advising
See "Campus-Based Staff" above for list of advisors

Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services team handles finances, including processing payments and tuition deposits.

Hisham Othman - Director, Fiscal Services
Ryoko Grepo - Program Coordinator, Fiscal Services

Marketing & Outreach

The Marketing & Outreach team helps prospective students and partners learn about Seattle Colleges, apply for admission, and prepare for arrival in Seattle.

Leslie Aest - Director, Marketing & Outreach
Beata Anderson - Associate Director, Marketing & Outreach
Mizue Eckman - Program Specialist, Marketing & Outreach
Johan François - Associate Director, Marketing & Outreach
Evan Franulovich - Associate Director, Marketing & Outreach
Gina Nakamura - Associate Director, Marketing & Outreach

Global Engagement

The Global Engagement team manages new student orientation, hosts and maintains activities and events for current students, and provides leadership for Study Abroad and customized group programs.

Amanda Fletcher - Associate Director, International Engagement

Seattle Colleges Institute of English (SCIE)

Kahyun Cho - Program Coordinator, Seattle Colleges Institute of English