Duolingo English Test (DET)

Seattle Colleges is currently accepting Duolingo English Test (DET) scores for direct placement only into college level English (ENGL& 101). The required score is 90 and above in all four sub-scores (literacy, conversation, comprehension, and production).

Students who submit DET test results lower than 90 in all four sub-scores will be admitted to the Seattle Colleges Institute of English (SCIE) Intensive English program. Prior to the start of the student's first quarter, specific placement in SCIE (Intensive English or College Bridge) will be made and communicated to the student. At the discretion of the SCIE faculty, further movement of these students within SCIE or to full-time college classes may occur during the first week of the quarter.

Applicants who have DET results lower than 90 in all four sub-scores but wish to know their specific starting level at the time of application should submit scores from any of our other accepted exams and placements tests, rather than DET.