Admission Resources

From program enrollment to immigration, we offer a variety of resources to help you through your application process.


How are application materials processed?

After submitting the final section of the online application, applicants will receive an automatic confirmation email. They will receive additional information once the materials have been reviewed. Complete applications are normally processed within 5 business days.

The International Admissions Office will inform applicants of any missing items or information via email. Applicants will log in to the application portal to submit any updated or missing items for review. The processing time for incomplete applications will depend on when the missing information is submitted.

After reviewing documents submitted with the admission application, the International Admissions Office may choose to request additional items from an applicant. Examples of items that may be requested include:

- Original copies of financial documentation
- Original copies of academic transcripts
- Letters or certificates verifying information provided on the application

Some reasons why documents might be requested include:

- To clarify information in the application materials
- To verify the authenticity of information, such as financial documents or transcripts
- To confirm relationships (e.g., applicants to dependents or sponsors, sponsors and companies providing financial support, etc.)

Items in addition to the regular list of application materials are only required if specifically requested by the International Admissions Office.

What is the process to apply to a Career Training program?

Applicants who plan to join a Career Training program must first be admitted to Seattle Colleges through the International Programs (IP) Office. Please note that some Career Training programs have additional admission requirements and secondary admission processes.

Once admitted through IP, applicants may be required to apply for their specific Career Training program of interest. With some programs, there is a formal admission process, including a list of prerequisites that must be met before formal acceptance to the program can be granted. In some cases, students may be able to take program classes as soon as they are eligible for college-level study.

Students who cannot complete program prerequisites by the time admission decisions are made will need to wait until the next available intake to be admitted. In cases where programs have a long wait list and/or limited intakes, students may need to wait until the next year before starting the program.

Students who qualify for direct college placement will be referred to their future primary advisor after being admitted through IP. The primary advisor will then advise the students on the specific program application and enrollment process. Students who must first take classes in the Seattle Colleges Institute of English (SCIE) prior to beginning their Career Training program will not be referred to their future primary advisor. They will go through the normal SCIE admission and registration process.

Applicants are encouraged to explore their intended Career Training program's web page(s) to get the best understanding of any additional admission requirements and/or program details. For specific questions, applicants should use the contact information on the program or department web page. When communicating with program or department staff members, applicants should identify themselves as prospective international students.

How do I get my acceptance materials and I-20 form?

Applicants will receive an email notifying them of their admission. They will be able to access their acceptance letter and pre-arrival information immediately online (excluding the I-20 form).

Acceptance materials and a digital copy of the I-20 form will also be emailed to the student.

Per SEVP policy, I-20 forms can only be sent or given to the student, their dependents, or, if a minor, their parents or legal guardian.

Transfer applicants will only receive their I-20 form by email once their current/most recent school releases their SEVIS record to Seattle Colleges. Once the SEVIS record is released, the I-20 form will be sent via email. Students whose SEVIS record is in "terminated" or "completed" status must contact the International Programs Office prior to requesting a release of the record from their current/most recent school.

How can I defer my enrollment?

Admitted students who need to defer their first quarter of enrollment must complete a Deferral Request Form via our admission application portal. For complete details, review this information.