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There are two types of study abroad options: Seattle Colleges-sponsored programs and non-Seattle Colleges affiliated programs. Students who participate in Seattle Colleges-administered and Seattle Colleges-sponsored programs can apply for a scholarship to help support their participation. Programs vary in destination, length, subject matter, and cost, but all programs have been selected because we believe they provide students opportunities to experience the world in new ways.

Students are always free to search for non-Seattle Colleges affiliated programs, and there are many to choose from. However, we cannot guarantee class credit or opportunities for funding. State and national financial aid is not available to students participating in non-credit bearing programs. International Programs can advise students about other program options but cannot guarantee credit transfer, program quality, or safety.

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Study Abroad with Seattle Colleges

Short-Term Programs

The Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad (WCCCSA) is a group of Washington community colleges who have joined together to provide quality study abroad programs for our students. Locations vary per quarter, but in the past, they have included England, Costa Rica, Spain, and China.

Green River College sponsors programs in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand in partnership with WCCCSA and the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS).

Student Exchanges

One of the most affordable ways to study abroad is through Exchange Agreements. Exchange Agreements are made between two institutions and are monitored to ensure that there are equal numbers of students passing back and forth. Students only pay tuition/fees to their home institution and can utilize financial aid (if eligible). Other study costs are paid directly to the institution they are going to attend, and students are fully responsible for room/board, travel expenses, student fees, textbooks, and everything outside of tuition and fees.

For other options, you can explore more study abroad opportunities.

Study Abroad Independently

College Consortium for International Studies

Students interested in studying abroad are strongly encouraged to join a College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) program. CCIS offers semester-long programs in 30 countries, as well as short-term summer programs in 24 countries. Seattle Colleges is one of hundreds of institutions, including a large number of community colleges, that refer students into these outstanding undergraduate programs. If you currently have financial aid, it will generally apply toward a full-time program abroad.

The US-based college that is sponsoring the CCIS program will have an option to provide transcripts upon satisfactory completion of the program. These transcripts from the US-based college (not from the institution abroad) should be brought to the registration office of your school for transfer credit. We strongly recommend that you check in with the transcript evaluator in the Admissions office before you enroll in the program to ensure the credits will transfer.

Other Resources

You can find other study abroad options online. We encourage you to research programs that best fit your needs.

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