Placement Tests

Admitted students will receive detailed testing information in their acceptance materials. Most students (excluding those who qualify for pre-registration) will be able to register for classes after they have received their placement test results.

NOTE: Students who submitted English proficiency scores sufficient for a direct college placement will not be required to take an English placement test upon arrival.

English Placement Test

Students who did not submit an English proficiency score sufficient for direct college placement, or who have no proof of English proficiency, must take the English placement test. Students must test no later than five business days before school starts. Students unable to meet this deadline should contact the International Programs Office to learn about their options.

The English placement test costs $35. The testing fee must be paid online with Flywire via the following link: Once on the payment portal homepage, select the "Fees for Admitted Students" option to make your payment.

Test Structure

The English placement test is completed using Canvas (see "Your Virtual Classroom"), and consists of four sections:

The first two sections of the test are multiple choice, the written essay is typed into Canvas, and the final section is done live with one or more raters. If a large number of students are testing at one time, the Speaking-Listening assessment may be held on a different day. Results are usually available the same day the final test section is completed.

Test Results and Class Placement

Students who take the test will be placed in one of the following, depending on their test results:

Students who submitted proof of English proficiency guaranteeing placement in College Bridge will be placed at the guaranteed level unless they score two or more levels below their initial placement, in which case they will be placed according to their test results. Students who score above their guaranteed placement will be moved to higher levels, including full-time college.

Students who have taken the placement test, but have not received a placement in ENGL& 101 may opt to complete the ENGL& 101 Challenge Essay. Under this option, students write an essay to be read by English faculty, who then determine whether or not a student is ready for ENGL& 101. Students interested in this option should contact the International Programs Office.

Testing Sessions for New Fall 2022 Students

Multiple testing dates will be available throughout the months of August and September 2022, both online and in person. We encourage all students who need English testing to sign up as early as possible. Spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

After paying the $35 English testing fee online via Flywire, please visit to register for a specific English testing session.

Math Placement Test

Applicants to Seattle Colleges are not required to demonstrate math proficiency at the time of admission. However:

Exemption From Taking the Math Placement Test

Students can waive the math placement test and meet math proficiency requirements any time by submitting one of the following test scores or transcripts, issued within the last three years:

Seattle Colleges uses the ALEKS PPL Test to evaluate math proficiency. The test allows for multiple tries. For more information on how to take the ALEKS PPL, please visit your campus website: North | Central | South.