Placement Tests

Admitted students will receive detailed testing information in their acceptance materials. Most students (except those who qualify for pre-registration) will be able to register for classes after they have received their placement test results.

NOTE: Students who submitted English proficiency scores sufficient for a direct placement will not be required to take an English placement test.

English Placement Test

Students who have no proof of English proficiency or who submitted an English proficiency score insufficient for direct placement must take an English placement test. Details on the test are provided by Admissions and the Seattle Colleges Institute of English (SCIE), and in acceptance materials.

Math Directed Self-Placement (DSP)

Applicants to Seattle Colleges are not required to demonstrate math proficiency at the time of admission. However:

Exemption From Math DSP

Students can waive Math DSP and meet math proficiency requirements any time by submitting one of the following test scores or transcripts, issued within the last three years:

Also, though the ALEKS test is no longer being used, ALEKS scores will be honored and can be used for placement one year from the date of the completed exam.

Seattle Colleges uses Math DSP to evaluate math proficiency. Please visit your campus website for more details: North | Central | South.