Pre-Arrival Checklist

Once you are officially admitted to Seattle Colleges, you must complete the tasks listed below. If you will attend classes in person, complete these tasks as soon as you receive your F-1 visa. If you will take classes remotely from outside the U.S., complete these tasks upon receiving your acceptance letter.

  1. Review the acceptance materials we prepared for you.

  2. Sign up for and plan to attend orientation.

  3. Sign up for and take placement test(s).

  4. Activate your ctcLink account.

  5. Review Covid-19-related information.

  6. Complete our Canvas orientation class.

  7. Register for classes.

  8. Set up your MySeattleColleges account (see instructions).

  9. Check in online.

  10. After registering for classes and receiving your confirmed schedule, pay for your classes.