Pre-Arrival Checklist

Once you are officially admitted to Seattle Colleges, you must complete the tasks listed below. If you will attend classes in person, complete these tasks as soon as you receive your F-1 visa. If you will take classes remotely from outside the U.S., complete tasks that pertain to you upon receiving your acceptance letter.

1. Review your admission acceptance materials

Access your materials via our online admission application portal. Or, if you applied for admission via an agency, ask your counselor for a copy of your acceptance materials.

if you find any errors, contact right away.

2. Follow the immigration guidance from Admissions in your Pre-Arrival Information

Guidance varies for each student and may include applying for an F-1 visa.

3. Determine your English and Math placement

You will be placed in classes based on the level of English you demonstrated when you applied for admission. Check your Pre-Arrival Information for more details. (Exception: students who applied before before July 1, 2023 and did not submit proof of their current English level will need to take an English proficiency test prior to orientation. Contact for guidance.)

If you did not provide proof of Math proficiency with your admission application, check our Math placement information to determine if you are required to do so before your first quarter of enrollment.

If you need to determine your Math placement, visit your campus' website for instructions on completing Math Directed Self-Placement (DSP): North | Central | South. If you would like to waive Math DSP, upload your Math test scores to our online admission application portal if you did not do so at the time you submitted your admission application.

4. Complete your Intent to Enroll Form

Complete your Intent to Enroll Form after you have received your acceptance materials and you are ready to register and pay for your classes. (Exception: Students who applied for admission before July 1, 2023 and have not yet submitted proof of their current English level must contact for guidance.)

Submitting your Intent to Enroll Form also reserves your spot for orientation. Review the orientation dates for your starting quarter and plan to be in Seattle for orientation. Thirty days before orientation begins, a detailed orientation schedule will be provided.

5. Arrange housing

Once you have obtained your F-1 visa, arrange your housing as soon as possible. Choose between an on-campus apartment, a homestay, or other off-campus options.

6. Activate your ctcLink account

Have your EMPLID number ready when activating your ctcLink account. Your EMPLID number was provided in the acceptance letter you received from Admissions.

CtcLink is the main self-service portal you will use for student-related tasks, such as accessing class schedules, registration, balance statements, transcripts, and more. For an overview of how to use ctcLink, watch our YouTube video. Also, review our dedicated resources if you have any problems.

7. Set up your MySeattleColleges account

See our webpage for instructions on how to set up your MySeattleColleges account. You will use your MySeattleColleges account to access many of our systems including your school email, SCDGlobal, and Starfish (a portal where you can make appointments with your advisor).

After you enroll in classes, your Seattle Colleges email address will be activated, and we will use that email address to communicate with you.

8. Register for classes

Demonstrating your English level as part of your admission application allows you to register for your first-quarter classes after you have been admitted. You will receive information about the registration process for your specific study program in your acceptance materials. Make sure to follow the instructions provided and complete all required steps. This will allow our staff to register you for your first-quarter classes.

Class registration usually occurs two weeks before the quarter begins. Once your registration is completed, our staff will send you an email confirming your class schedule, along with instructions on how to pay tuition and fees.

9. Pay for classes

After registering for classes and receiving your schedule, you can pay for your classes.

Seattle Colleges does not issue invoices. To make a payment, access your balance statement via your ctcLink account. The balance statement will show the current charges for tuition, fees, and medical insurance. You must make your payment within 7 days of your class registration or by the first day of class, whichever comes first, or you will be dropped from classes.

Make your payment by credit card online directly via your ctcLink account unless you have already sent a wire transfer deposit. In this case, contact for further assistance.

Note: Students taking online classes remotely from outside the United States can request to have the medical insurance charges waived. To request a waiver, students must attest that they will be outside the United States for the entire quarter, that they understand they will not have insurance coverage until the first day of the next quarter, and that they will not be covered for pre-existing conditions until 90 days after they resume coverage. Students interested in the waiver should contact the IP Office for their campus:

- North Seattle College:
- Seattle Central College:
- South Seattle College:

10. Prepare for travel to the United States

Prepare for travel to the United States and get ready for your new life in Seattle!

11. Arrive in Seattle

When your flight lands at Sea-Tac International Airport and you arrive in Seattle, we want you to be ready for your next steps. Know what documents you need, learn about transportation options, and pre-arrange airport pickup.

12. Check in online

Complete your online check-in as soon as possible after you arrive in the United States, and at least one day before orientation begins. Checking in online is necessary to maintain your immigration status. If you will be studying remotely from outside the United States, check in no later than one day before orientation begins.

After activating your MySeattleColleges account (see 7. for details), please allow us 2-3 business days for processing your MySeattleColleges short username, then log into SCDGlobal with your MySeattleColleges short username (everything before "") and MySeattleColleges password. If you have any problems logging in, visit to request assistance.

Once logged in, look for the "Online Check-in" link in the left navigation bar, then follow the instructions provided to complete the required tasks.

13. Attend Orientation

Attending orientation is mandatory for all new students. We look forward to seeing you there!