Acceptance Materials & I-20 Form

Acceptance materials are accessed digitally and include information related to housing, orientation, testing, and pre-arrival tasks. Also included is the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) I-20 form. The I-20 form is a three-page document needed to apply for your visa and enter the United States. You must keep the I-20 throughout your stay in the U.S. as an F-1 student. I-20 forms can only be sent or given to the student, their dependents, or, if the student is a minor, their parents or legal guardian.

You can learn more about the different sections of the I-20 form below.


Issue Reasons

The I-20 form will list an issue reason, which could include options related to initial attendance or a student's transfer from another institution.

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Level of Study

The level of study on the I-20 form will vary depending on the student's intended program and information submitted to admissions regarding the student's English proficiency.

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Length of Study

The length of study and start and end dates noted on the I-20 form will vary depending on the student's academic program.

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Campus Selection

The campus listed on the I-20 form will depend on the student's academic program and proof of English proficiency.

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The major stated on the I-20 form is chosen by Seattle Colleges based on the kind of courses a student will take while enrolled, and it may or may not match exactly a student's intended major.

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Financial Information

The I-20 form estimates tuition and fees, living costs, and other expenses for one academic year (9 months) in the student's program. Students who have applied for both the Intensive English Program and for college study will receive an I-20 form with a college program estimate.

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