Seattle Colleges’ annual scholarship application cycle is now open. Both future and current international students can apply. For more details, visit

Support & Resources

Seattle Colleges offers many support services and resources for international students.



Once admitted, you'll be assigned a dedicated advisor who will be able to help you with everything from immigration to academics. Plan your career goals, choose your major, and create an individualized college transfer plan, all with the help of our experienced international advising staff.

Campus Facilities

Our campuses offer many facilities for students to use. Computer labs, gyms, bookstores, libraries, and art galleries are just a few spaces students can access and enjoy while studying at Seattle Colleges.


Counselors at Seattle Colleges work with students to explore and pursue their educational and career goals, as well as achieve personal growth. Counselors are committed to supporting students to access opportunities, cope with challenges, and make the most of their educational experience.

Career Center

Get help identifying your calling and finding the job you want. The Career Center offers academic and career resources to students at Seattle Colleges.

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual and group tutoring sessions for writers of all skill levels. Get feedback on and assistance with class papers, transfer application essays, resumes, cover letters, and more.

Tutoring Center

If you need extra help learning difficult concepts or practicing skills, Seattle Colleges provides all students with free learning support and tutoring in a variety of subjects, including writing, math, science, humanities, business, foreign languages, and more.