Global Marketing Agreement Application (GMAA)

To work with Seattle Colleges, partners must first complete a Global Marketing Agreement Application (GMAA). By completing a GMAA, agents will be authorized to work with all three colleges—North Seattle College, Seattle Central College, and South Seattle College—and will receive a district Global Marketing Agreement (GMA) and Certificate of Partnership.

The GMAA takes about 30 minutes to complete and consists of two sections:
Section 1: Complete online questionnaire
Section 2: Upload business documents

Completing a GMAA normally requires providing information and uploading business documents related to the following:

Business License

In most cases, the name on the license must be the same as or similar to the official agency name used in the GMAA.

Licenses written in languages other than English are acceptable; however, if the license is not written in English, you must also submit an official English translation of the license.

Preferred Method of Payment

Partners who select to receive a commission can be paid by wire transfer or check.

Most often, the name of the business bank account used for commission payments must be the same as or similar to the agency name used on the GMAA. Exceptions are made for a sole or majority owner, who can use his/her personal name as the name of the business bank account. Use of a personal name for a non-majority owner requires an email approval from the other business owners.

After selecting your preferred method of payment, you will be given the appropriate form to complete.

Federal Tax Form

Partners who select to receive a commission must submit the federal tax form required for their filing status.

Upon completing section 1, you will be given information about the different tax forms available.

Please note that applicants must be the President or an authorized officer of the agency, and be permitted to submit a GMAA on behalf of their agency. Applicants will be asked to certify they are authorized to agree to the terms set forth in the GMA.

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