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As an international student, your F-1 visa status allows you to work on campus, part-time (maximum 19.5 hours per week). Students enrolled at Seattle Colleges can work at any of campus locations, as well as the Seattle Colleges District Office.

Students are not allowed to work (paid or unpaid) off campus unless they have been authorized to do so. The U.S. government takes working illegally very seriously, and it could result in the loss of F-1 visa status. Before accepting any kind of employment, make sure it is allowed by the F-1 regulations. In general, jobs require good communication skills in English.

Examples of On-Campus Employment


International Programs

International Programs frequently employs international students in various jobs. Visit or contact IP to ask if there are any available positions.


The campus bookstore is a common place of employment for international students. Stop by to inquire about available positions.

Student Leadership

Participating in student leadership opportunities can help you develop and cultivate leadership and personal skills. Previous experience is not required.


Stop by or contact the gym to inquire about possible employment opportunities.

Dining Facilities

Visit the cafeteria or the on-campus restaurant where you're interested in working to find out if they have any job openings.

Tutoring Center

Contact the tutoring center to find out if they have any positions available.